Exporting continues to grow across Oman, according to recent government figures with local firms exporting $8.2bn worth of non-oil commodities in 2017.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness of the great opportunities out there for would-be Omani exporters and the support that is easily accessible.

It also allowed existing exporters to showcase their work and discover ways in which digital can help them achieve a global audience.

There are 4.73 million people living in Oman, 3.31 million of which are internet users and 2.60 million are active social media users, however the need for social media consultancy has never been greater.

Our job was to indoctrinate Omani exporters in using social media the correct way, so that they can elevate and optimise results for their businesses online.

Our workshop was structured around showcasing the basics of each social media platform and how that would benefit different businesses for more than just their personal social networks. Many participants had never utilised LinkedIn, or thought of setting up a business page on Facebook.

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